October outreach locations announced! | Pt. 1

By YWAM Newcastle on August 16, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

As you might have seen we have been announcing the outreach locations for the coming October Discipleship Training Schools. To excite and inspire you, we want to give you more information about which schools are going where and a little about the culture and nature of each country.

Outreach is such an awesome part of a DTS, you’ll experience working, living and fighting spiritual battles as a team. It’s chance for you to experience the real, tangible power of God and the passion he has for His kingdom to multiply. Often this is by going into foreign towns and cities and watching how his love transforms, heals and reunites. As you walk into this journey you will be able to see the ways God can use you to take other people to incredible places.

Our Summer Classic DTS is sending teams to two different locations, one to Fiji and another to Mexico.


Fiji is a collection of volcanic islands to the north east of Australia’s Queensland state. The climate is tropical, and the official languages are Fijian and English.
The people are very open to Christian teachings but half the population are “nominal” Christian. Roman Catholic, Hinduism and Islam rate close behind in statistics. The people of Fiji are in desperate need of discipleship and even just the truth gospel – to learn how to incorporate Christ into EVERY aspect of their lives. Despite the efforts of medical facilities and agencies, abuse still remains quiet and hidden beneath the surface.


The Fiji team will also be spending a week in the rural Australian town of Cunnamulla – one of the last towns before the vastness of the Australian desert. The main ministry focus will be working with the indigenous youth of the community – building relationship and giving them an opportunity to experience God for the first time. The youth of this community are very much in need of role models – with substance, alcohol and sexual abuse very common even among the young ages. There have already been outreach teams to this town before, from YWAM and other churches – the kids are ready to hear more, dig deeper and be discipled!
Mexico is located in the southern part of North America and has a population of 113 million people. Most of Mexico is classed as Christian but under the practices and beliefs of Roman Catholicism. Drug trafficking and crime are a constant concern for the country with the ongoing drug-war. Corruption and violence in the people has increased a lot in the last few decades. People have made attempts to fight for freedom but are still so desperately in need of support in their fight. 39065_424011137907_2521549_n
One of our staff, Emily Beck, on outreach in Mexico!

If you’re thinking about doing this DTS, our desire at YWAM Newcastle is to equip, and inspire you into the best God has for you. Each of these locations will give you the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone for the advance of the kingdom of God!
Stay tuned for part two of this article which will explain and inspire those of you looking at doing the October Compassion DTS!


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