Compassion DTS leader on faith and finances!

By YWAM Newcastle on July 11, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Fundraising



“You have applied or have been accepted to a DTS and now it comes to getting your finances together to be able to pay in lecture phase and outreach. The money you need is more than you have ever saved before and you could use a HUGE encouragement that you will get it together in time”!


Recognise this? Then this note is for you!


• Saving is not my talent
• Debts are still not payed off
• I have a very low income
• This huge and unexpected bill came in
• I prayed about my financial situation, but nothing changed.


All excuses seem fair enough, but they aren’t really! I will share some truth, not just from ‘the Word’ but also from experience with you.


God is always more interested in what we give than what we get.


In Malachi 3: 10 He says: ”Test me in this”, says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and poor out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it”!


All excuses above were once mine! But once DTS became my goal (set a goal!!), I found the strength (God’s Holy Spirit in me helping me!!) to give my all (my time and giving up shopping and such!!) and through that I learned that when we give our ‘little’, God will give ‘heaps more’!


Finances for DTS
I worked hard, didn’t go out anymore, gave up shopping, saved all I could, sold a lot of my things, organised a benefit concert to raise money, sent out newsletters and most importantly, I did it all open handed and with God! While I was trying to sell my things to raise money, God told me to just give away more than half of it! I had a whole apartment full and gave it all up. God taught me to be generous and because I gave most away rather than selling it, it gave me some spare time to find rest in the midst of all these changes! Once I raised half of what I needed, I suddenly received a very generous gift when someone unexpectedly decided to pay for my full DTS! I was able to attend DTS sooner than expected.


During my DTS I felt blessed to have savings on my bank account. I wanted to save this money to come back on staff after my DTS. In this time God taught me that all we have is really His. One girl on my outreach team didn’t have her finances all together and God asked me to give her a generous gift. My first thought was: ‘but I want to save this money for after DTS’. But God said: ‘she needs money now, you have money available now, what you need in a couple months will be provided for you in a couple months’.


Don’t worry
When I was a DTS student, my outreach team got stuck in Brazil for 9 days after we finished because of a volcano/ash cloud in Chili. In the end we all had to fly home from Brazil and this was going to cost a lot of extra money! We tried everything we could to have the flight company paying for it, but nothing seemed to work out well. Instead of making quick decisions I just waited a little longer, to give God space to speak. He told me to share my outreach stories with people at the airport and He would look after my flight to Europe. After a great conversation with a group of people God told me to go to the information desk. All the people working at the airport I spoke to in those 9 days had told me there was no way they were able to give me a flight home, but this time there was a ticket waiting for me! Within one hour, I was on a free flight home!


Count your blessings
Story 1: For my last outreach I needed $5000 dollars, but all I had was $2000 dollar savings (set apart in case of an emergency). At one point, God challenged me to give away all my savings. This wasn’t easy
for me, but I was obedient! That same day I received a $4000 dollar anonymous gift and within 3 days I saw the complete $5000 dollar amount come in.
Story 2: God asked me to do ministry in the Skate Park on Saturdays, and once I said yes, I suddenly got given a skateboard (I didn’t ask for it). When I saw I needed more skateboards for the Team that I was leading, I got given 2 more skateboards. On my birthday I asked God for skate shoes and at the end of that day someone gave me an envelope with money and a note that said: ‘this money is to buy yourself skate shoes’. The skate shoes are a good ministry tool. I never thought these would help me to connect to the skaters even better, but they have.
Story 3: I have never been a big reader, but since joining YWAM I got a lot more interested. A few weeks ago I tried to find some books on a few different subjects such as healing, evangelism, and human trafficking. But since I don’t know much about books, it was hard for me to find something good. So I prayed and asked God for help. I expected to find someone who could help me out, but instead 3 different people gave me a book, all on these 3 subjects!


Important to know…
One important thing to know is that God doesn’t want to create spoiled brats! But He surely wants to bless us more than we can imagine! The way He has been blessing me has mostly been in the most unexpected ways, which has been so stretching and it has grown my faith incredibly! If you have a list of possible financial supporters set up, you will most likely receive donations from completely different people than those! If you don’t think you have than many friends that are able to support you, I challenge you to send your newsletter to 200 different people (easily found on Facebook or through the few friends you have) and believe that God will move! Prayer is very important, the Bible says “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5: 17). God is faithful, He has never failed me and will never fail you either!


Dieuwke Smit
Compassion DTS Leader