Multiple Breakthroughs!

By YWAM Newcastle on June 23, 2012 in News

God is moving and we are excited to share some recent, incredible miracles with you!

Just about an hour before our banquet started, we received word that a construction certificate (approval to build) has been granted! We have been waiting 3 years for this, so it was an amazing thing to be able to announce at the banquet that we had just had this breakthrough. It has significant exclusions, but is a breakthrough in that it allows us to begin building.

We had a wonderful night last with over 250 guests. Be sure to check out the video below with highlights from the night, as well as the main video that was shown on the evening.

The Believe Campaign started with a cash (95k), trade services (100k), materials in kind (100k) target of 295k. As I write, we are at day 30 of 38 days. We have now received 214k of the $295k total! Amazing.

God is dramatically moving. A week ago we set a target of 20k to reach before the banquet. A few days and serious provision later, we were just over 17k. So we decided to shift the target to 30k. We then went in to the night of the banquet with exactly $29,064.15!

In just the last 30 hours (over the banquet) we’ve received $45,000 of materials in kind and $20,000 trade services.

Our cash target is $95,000.00 Our donations now stand at $64,685.86!!! JUST over 30k to go!

We look forward to keeping you posted as events unfold. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve never had a time quite like this in our 20 year history. Special thanks are due to those offering a prayer shield to us.

I believe this is significantly why we are seeing such favor. I will keep you updated.

Gratefully yours,