Today is the day!

By YWAM Newcastle on June 21, 2012 in News, Videos

Dear friend,
Today is the day! We have an exciting update for you in the video below along with some behind the scenes action at the warehouse as we prepare for the Believe Banquet happening in just about 22 hours! So check out the video and see the update on our goals below, and also how you can give towards Believe.

Simply speaking, God is at work. The feel here is quite amazing. Self-initiated 24/7 prayer right now, hard work, radio interviews, communications to the metal, building permits so so so close! Our friends around the nations are mobilising, gathering around us, praying, encouraging, giving. We have reached $28,500 in cash donations! Since I wrote the total I’ve had to change it. I’ve just had an email from a friend telling me that his company is making a $5,000 cash donation, with $10,000 materials in kind. Wow! This kind of response is unprecedented prior to the banquet.

If you haven’t as yet, would you like to join us to help reach our goal of $95,000 for this Believe Build. If you don’t live in the Newcastle area, or do but are unable to attend we want to give you an opportunity to join us right now.

Would you be willing to to stand with us by doing this single action? Ask the Lord if he would have you give to the believe campaign – and if yes, the amount. Either way, we would be honored by your obedience and availability to the Lord. If you feel its right for you to contribute, you can donate by visiting our Believe Web Page @

Some scenarios.
To reach our goal, here are some scenarios. [1,430 people at $50], [953 at $175], [715 at $100], [238 people at $300] etc would all achieve the same result of our $95,000 goal. Remember all donations made (over $2) within Australia are fully tax deductible (contact us to inquire re international tax deductibility options).

As of today, 74 people have made cash donations towards the campaign. I am deeply encouraged by what the Lord is doing, and thankful. I’m full of anticipation of ‘the more’ He will be able to do once we have completed the build. I’m also very aware of the larger agenda He carries during these seasons. He once asked “do you believe I’m able to do this”…. It’s a question He again asked YWAM. My friend I’m aware of the possibility He wants to encourage you also, by letting this question act against your difficult circumstance. Let us stand with you, as you stand firm with us, as we close miraculously on a tiresome three year battle to develop property.

Believing with you,