A Week of Unbroken Prayer

By YWAM Newcastle on June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is there anything more powerful then united, soft hearted prayer?
One of the most frequent things I hear from christians in discussion about what they would improve in life is always ‘I wish I prayed more’ & ‘I wish I was closer with God’
What if we just prayed? What if we set aside large portions of our days to just be with the father?
The main answer to that question is – ‘I’M TOO BUSY’
Too busy doing what?
When the father can answer prayers instantly, when the father can change our hearts forever, when the father can heal, destroy, redeem, refresh, finance, teach, empower – DO ANYTHING, we are too busy?

From 8pm Sunday night this week – we are beginning 168 hours of unbroken prayer. In the natural it is going to be inconvenient, tiring, boring, uncomfortable and plain. In the spiritual it has the potential to be the greatest week of our lives. If we engage with the spiritual all week, it will get HUGE.

When we come to the father, humbly, soft-heartedly and united, big things happen. Big things that change the world forever. Currently we have family members sick and unsaved, needs unmet, a building needing to be finished and revival knocking at our door.

Will we knock on Gods door all together? For a week?
If someone knocked on my door for a week I would most probably AT LEAST open the door. God told us to knock so it would be open. He told us to seek and we will find.

We want as many people across the planet involved.
If you are in Newcastle, Australia – please come and join us in our prayer room. If you live interstate or internationally send us when you want to be praying and we will add you to the list. We also have a prayer book that we would love to add things too to see what God is going to do in this week. So email us any words or feelings or pictures you get from God so we can stick that in the book.
We are excited for what God wants to do.
Lets pray ceaselessly.

Practically – Our roster looks like this. (When this article was posted.)
If you would like to get involved please email me ([email protected]) and i will add you to it.
If you have words from God to add to our prayer book please email that address too.. This is going to be so GOOD.




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