Answered Prayers At A Skate Park

By YWAM Newcastle on June 6, 2012 in Outreach, Training

This is a story from Lynnaea who is a student on our January Summer Classic DTS. She is currently on outreach in London.

Our team went to the skate park this past Sunday and we were able to experience something really cool. I met two new girls that were both 14. One of them had been going to church all her life and the other had never been to church and didn’t consider herself a Christian. The girl that said she was a Christian said she didn’t feel a closeness with God, church was just something she did. I was then able to tell both of them about how I grew up in a Christian family and discovered that God was alive and real. That God was’t just some far away being that didn’t care about the world. I learned that He cared that I was depressed in the past. I learned that I could talk to Him about my problems and about the things that I cared about. I asked the girls if they had ever felt that way before. Both of them said that they had felt depressed in the past and that they weren’t good enough. They were encouraged by what I had said and listened attentively the whole time I talked. I then felt the need to make sure that they knew that Jesus loved them individually. I asked them if they knew that and the Christian girl said that she did but the other one said she’d never known that before.

While we were still chatting some of the guys from the skate park came and sat down and began listening to our conversation. Which by this time the girls had started asking about boyfriends and I was able to share with them a Godly perspective on relationships. I was able to share about how to guard your heart and why you would want to do that. Also how I really wanted God to be involved in my dating relationships. It was cool to see all 4 or 5 of them, guys and girls, really listening to what I was saying. The conversation kind of winded down and Talea, Jeremy, and myself were left talking with one of the older kids (17) at the skate park who is pretty well respected by the others and I just asked if we would be able to pray for him. He said yes and asked for prayer in his relationships and that he wanted to find a job. He told some of the others that we were going to pray for him and they walked over and said they wanted prayer. So I started praying and it was actually very fun because the kids would chime in every so often saying ‘Hi God’ and waving at the sky all while I continue asking God to bless them in the areas they had asked for. During the prayer even more kids came over so there were about 6 or 7 kids in total who were all listening to what was going on. It was so cool being able to pray with these kids in a skate park where muggings happen almost weekly and the kids in general are known as ‘rough’.

So we went back to the skate park two days later and the first thing that the 17 year old says to us is: “It’s really weird, I got a job. Yeah it’s almost freaky, I didn’t even have to try or anything. A guy from next door just came and knocked on my door and asked if I wanted a job and I said yes.” In response to him we were very excited because God answered his prayer and also because he recognized that God had answered. He was telling other kids at the skate park as well that we prayed and that he got a job. I even heard a kid we had never met before retelling the story to someone else.

It was amazing to hear this guy say “I’m actually starting to really believe in this God stuff now you know.”

Teens at the skate park wearing 1.21 Ministry wristbands that have Philippians 1:21 on it.415507_10151030911667652_599093969_o