250 Teens Now Have Bibles

By YWAM Newcastle on June 5, 2012 in Youth Ministry, Youth Street

Last week I had the opportunity to help Lysander, a friend of mine, with a scripture class in a local public school. I mostly grew up in the USA and am still so amazed that I am able to share about God in public schools here in Australia. Back in the USA there would be no way I could do what we did without being thrown out.

Every year the Gideon Bible Society give out the New Testament to all year 7 students in Australia. Lysander helps them run an engaging program to help the students know how to navigate their way around the bible. Teaching them things like where to find chapters and verses and all that good stuff. So we pretty much got to help around 250 teenagers to read the bible today. How good is that!? I love that I am able to share God with so many young people in one morning.

I love getting out there amongst young people. Meeting them in their territory. We need to be going to where the young people are. We cannot expect young people to just show up at a youth event or have a friend that invites them along to something.

The School Of Innovative Youth Ministry will be doing just that. We won’t just sit in a classroom and learn about Youth Culture but we will be going to where young people are, learning first hand. We will be in high schools, at skate parks, malls and at Maccas (McDonalds). Each student will have roles and will work as a Youth Ministry team. They will dream with God on how to reach this generation and then do it. We hope to help and aid people to lead young people into everything God has for them.

Jaso Beck
School of Innovative Youth Ministry Staff

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