Believe Campaign Enters Week 2

By YWAM Newcastle on May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized


From the Director… We are now in the second week of the Believe Campaign and have some great things to share with you! Firstly, thank you so much for your responses. We absolutely love to hear from you and it’s been great to reconnect. Please feel free to mail us at any point, we value your relationship with us and especially during this campaign would love to get the chance to hear from you. It is also very encouraging to us to know you are praying and believing with us.Please keep in mind as well if you would prefer to not receive these weekly mail outs see the opt out options below. Here is a glimpse of a recent email we received from a friend; “As I began to think about replying to this e-mail I began to weep and weep. I’m not sure why but I am sure it is good…I’ll believe with you. Whatever it means, I will commit to my best effort!” -Frankie.

This campaign is a critical and time sensitive venture. As we look at these coming weeks it is clear this is not just another event, but something very unique and on the heart of God. The truth is, His heart is to release more workers for missions, to develop more youth around our city, and to facilitate a place for lost kids to encounter Jesus. This build will open up this kind of growth.

The bottom line is, we can’t wait any longer. These kids shouldn’t wait any longer. Our time is running out. Our construction certificate (approval to build) has been painfully delayed now for three years. We have been continuously restricted in our growth and because of this, tragically our building has been closed to young people. But God is on the throne! Just last week we submitted our construction certificate application. Amazing. Please pray we finally receive this approval in the next few days. Just a couple weeks after this campaign finishes we have a building team arriving to put to use all of the building materials and gifts we receive over the course of this campaign. Mezzanine, walls, fire protection, gantry’s, bathrooms, ceilings! We will be building out the inside of our warehouse and finally be able to open our doors!

Next week I will be talking about some of the advances and growth God has brought about through previous campaigns.

Thanks for believing God with us,

P.S.Be sure to check out the latest articles to the right of the screen. One featuring a recent baptism for five of our Youth Street teenagers. The testimonies were genuine and powerful:“I’ve been through bullying at school…and I struggled with depression…I came to youth street and a few beaches down from here I gave my life to God..I want to give every second of my life to God, I don’t want to be half hearted I want to give every moment of my life to God.” Courtney Streeter, 15. Click Here for the full article of the baptism, and also watch the video below!