2,000 People Won To Jesus!!

By YWAM Newcastle on May 31, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

As our time in Venezuela was coming to an end, we were staying at the YWAM base in Caracas. One afternoon a couple of our team were walking through the street when they got chatting to one of the street performers. He was a comedian with a painted face and a sound system. When he heard we were missionaries he offered to lend us his equipment so that we could do a little presentation. The skit we were planning to do didn’t work out because the iPod broke down so we did another one and I ended up preaching in front of 400 people. About 200 of them prayed to receive Christ, and we got to talk to a couple of them after, and encourage them to get involved in local churches.

Moral of the story: When a crazy street entertainer offers to lend you his equipment, do it. Preach the Gospel and see lives changed.

One night in Colombia we went to the local plaza to do ministry. We were told we were going to a place where the punks and goths and outcasts chill out. When we arrived at the plaza we found another 50 young Christians from churches around the city ready to see God move. Personally, I felt inadequate and underprepared to do ministry with them, but God definitely used us. I spoke to two drug addicts, shared Christ with them and prayed for them to break from their addictions. Also many of the others had awesome conversations with people on the streets, people in cafes and stuff like that.

Moral of the story: God is doing way more than you can see. Look for opportunities to get involved with things that make you uncomfortable, pray for a heart, and dive in.

A Summary of our time in Latin America:
Before we came, God was speaking to our whole team about HARVEST. Harvest time means doing a lot of evangelism and working really hard to see people saved. Before outreach, we were praying for God to give us a heart for the people here, and a heart for each other. Our team has been insanely united and insanely fruitful. As a leader, I have no doubt that our preparation in prayer and the prayers of about 300 supporters have significantly contributed to the work God has been able to do here. God stretched our faith to believe for 2000 people to receive Christ, and we reached that goal today, on our second last day of ministry.

Moral of the story: God is incredibly faithful. When He says there will be a harvest, there will be a harvest. Get your butt into gear and get moving, otherwise you are going to miss something awesome!

Michael Cooke
Sports DTS Outreach Leader