5 Young People Baptised

By YWAM Newcastle on May 24, 2012 in Youth Ministry, Youth Street

Last week we had the opportunity of seeing 5 of our Youth Street Crew (teenagers) get baptized in the ocean. It was a very special morning for all the families, friends & our staff who got to share in the occasion. The thing that stood out to me most during this time were the testimonies our crew shared before they got in the water. Each of them shared about what God had done in their lives & the reason they were choosing to get baptised. All of the testimonies were awesome & unique to each crew, sharing in their decision to follow God & expressing their deep love for Jesus. As I listened to every word from each of them I could only think about how happy God’s heart was at that moment.

One crew shared how she has battled with a lot of things in life with her family, school & even depression. She gave her life to Jesus after coming to Youth Street for a while. It was at Youth Street that she discovered God’s love & heart for her. When she went on our most recent Youth Street Crew Outreach to Byron Bay she realized she wanted to take a public stand & show everyone that she loves Jesus & knows the place He has in her life.

Hearing each of our crew share their journey & seeing them decide to show everyone that they love Jesus was an incredibly special event for me. This is why we’re here. This is why we’ve chosen to live the lives that we do as Missionaries. To disciple & mobilize our young people to do great things for Jesus. We just happen to get to see the fruit every now and then: Our Crew taking a public stand for their faith & acknowledging their love for Jesus. What an honor.

By Ashley Swinney
Youth Street Teams Coordinator