Believe Campaign Launched!

By YWAM Newcastle on May 22, 2012 in News


Welcome to the ‘Believe Campaign’! I am writing to invite you into a very critical season YWAM Newcastle is about to enter. Do you recall moments when God taps you on the shoulder? Recently something screamed out at me from Matthew 9. Two blind men came to Jesus wanting healing and his question to them was piercing. “Do you believe I am able to do this?” The phrase “do you believe” is often used in the process of salvation, but the reality is Jesus asks you and I this question over just about anything. For me, it was the reality check question over our enormous project to build out our warehouse property coming up in July. About a month ago one of our staff was doing a second level training school in Perth and she was in a desperate situation. Her team had left on outreach to London and she had just a few days to raise about $5,000. During a conversation over the phone with her, I asked if she would contact 100 people to share her critical need. She ended up contacting 200! I suggested she communicate as much as possible over those few days PLUS every time she got a breakthrough. She sought the Lord on this, and it wasn’t long until she had received $2,000! At this point I knew she was going to see a miracle. The last two days were like watching an exciting movie! On the final crucial day she needed something like $1,000! I was diving into my inbox every 30 minutes to check on the progress and the breakthroughs. It was crucial to me this girl saw a big win, she needed to know that God had not forgotten her. The truth is, she wasn’t going to make it alone, God didn’t want her to make it alone. She needed others to believe God with her. Sure enough God provided all she needed! She’s right now in London seeing God move powerfully in the run in to the Olympics. The significance of this story is not the amount of money involved but the dramatic momentum that God brings when we believe. Would you please believe with us from May 22 through June 30? While in previous years we have seen a lot of progress, our cash giving recently has been declining. This building project is very large and we desperately need your help to complete this stage. “Believe” will result in the most difficult building project we have ever attempted and will achieve the single biggest result. Will you be a part of it? Your stance in becoming a campaigner with us for these 6 weeks will help thousands of all generations see God. Your friend, David Stephenson. Welcome to the Believe Campaign May 22-June 30 Over 5,000 people worldwide Prayer, fasting, updates, banquet, breakthroughs!

Journey with us through these coming weeks and stay informed on the exciting, miraculous, breakthroughs as we believe God for massive provision.