Counting The Cost In Indonesia

By YWAM Newcastle on May 16, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Outreach Week 6: Sports DTS
Pomogan, Bali (Team Indonesia)

These past two weeks have been very eventful: including lots of ministry time focused on the church in Kuta, sharing what God has been speaking over the past four months (we have led three mini DTS teachings at the church) and also letting the Spirit lead the time here. The church meet about five times a week and we are usually in charge of those meetings. God is definately doing new things here in the church and we are blessed to be a part of it. We have also had the oppertunity to visit three villages within a three hour radius. They are homes of members of our church whose families are practicing Hindus. It’s eye opening to see where these people grew up and in some cases where they are no longer welcome because of their decision to follow Christ.

Please pray for the church here, there is a Hindu young man very close to giving his life completely to Christ and that could start a whirlwind of events. This young man is looked up to by many of the Hindu boys in the community and he comes from a very influential family. Please pray for his family as well.

Maria’s Village
Last week our team took a two hour drive to a village called Almapura. It was the original home of one of the women who is now helping with the church ministry here in Bali. Her name is Maria and I would like to tell you her story…
Maria’s home is tucked away in the trees, a short walk from the nearest road. In a clearing, sits three houses that belong to her family. Alongside the houses is a temple (about the size of a house). I don’t know all the details about when Maria became a Christian, but I do know that it involved a dream and when her family found out she wanted to give her life to Jesus they drug her to the temple by her hair and beat her until her ear started bleeding. Somehow Pastor Fien (who we live with here) found out about Maria and came and offered her a home with the church and her family accepted. Maria’s story might seem dramatic and unusual to me, but in Hindu families this is what happens when a family member give their life to Christ. In Maria’s case, because she was under the age of sixteen when this occured, not only does she not have a family, but she doesn’t have an identity card either.

So according to her family, Maria may come and visit and maybe stay over night but she is no longer a part of their family and in the eyes of the Indonesian government she has no identity. But for Maria, she holds no hard feelings against her family and even though she would like to have an identity card with her name on it, she know that she found her true identity the day she gave her life to Jesus!525628_363379043709714_100001128644935_944315_496550662_nIMG_0487