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By YWAM Newcastle on May 3, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Hi my name is Sam and I’m a member of staff here in Newcastle. I’ve actually been at YWAM Newcastle since October 2003. Even though I’ve been in missions for almost 9 years, God still teaches me new things and challenges me in new ways.

Just in the last 2 weeks God has been challenging me again to get more into prayer. It really started about 2 months ago while I was with an outreach team in Russia from our 2011 Compassion DTS. While there God had spoken to us as a team to take a position to fight in prayer on behalf of Russia. We did this in many ways. We even did a 24 hour prayer time, where for 24 hours straight there was always someone praying for Russia. Prayer sometimes is hard when you’re praying for something as big as Russia because you don’t always see immediate answers.

During this time we were praying for the city of Moscow and several of us had the impression of light shinning down on the city. It was a particularly grey and gloomy looking day when we started praying. It seemed though as out of nowhere that while we prayed the sky opened up over the business district of Moscow. We continued praying and the sky and sun kept breaking forth. It was for us a sign that God was hearing our prayers and something powerful was happening in the unseen realm. (Picture Below)

Now in the past 2 weeks I have been using the time that I am driving my car on my own to turn off the radio and just pray. Whatever comes to mind I just pray for. As I’ve been doing this I have seen quick responses and answers to some of these things and able to recognize that God is always doing something. I prayed for provision for a few different things and almost immediately I saw that happen. I prayed for a friend to have a favorable outcome in something she was doing and it happened. I prayed for a lot of things and even though some prayers aren’t completely answered yet I have seen God respond to these requests.

I love seeing God move in my life and I am realizing more & more how I can involve him in my everyday.



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