Meet The July Classic DTS Leader

By YWAM Newcastle on May 2, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training

536382_10150720082979784_524249783_9207904_594285514_nHello. My name is Jeremy Barry Randall. My parents were going to call me Jeremiah but considered it to be too nerdy. Barry was my nanas middle name (Norah Barry Randall – one of the greatest women to ever walk the planet) and the Randalls came out to Australia from England as immigration officers. We have been farmers, painters, politicians, knights (my grandad was Sir Richard the secretary to the treasurer and a stunt pilot), pastors, lawyers. I come from a legacy of lovers, improvers, charity-fueled card players. I am child 3 of four. My brother a social worker, my sister a primary school teacher, my younger sister a student of law and asian studies.

I love peoples stories. I love the reasons why. I love figuring out how to make something better. I love living with people, even when its annoying. I love driving old Corollas and photographing faces.

I grew up a pastors kid. I have now seen church (and played in worship bands) on every continent except South America. I have been a part of community as a musician, athlete, director, photographer, dishwasher, salesman, printer, model, leader, follower, chef, mother, father (weird huh?) encourager.

I love speaking out truth to people who don’t realise it. When you see good in someone who can’t see it in themselves. I love hugs. I love renewing peoples minds when it comes to hugs. I love elaborate hand shakes and slapping five. I love playing the clown to make people comfortable and then sitting down and having conversations that surprise people that I actually think sometimes and I actually have the capacity to be intelligent in amongst the laughing. I’m excited about adventure. I love travelling and doing new things. I love meeting new people.

I am very excited about this school and our staff team. I staffed Candace and Hannah’s DTS in 2010. I staffed a school after that with Candace in October 2010 and I shared a room with Jeff for a whole year.

I love how Candace can make you laugh really hard all of the time but then look you in the eyes and tell you the truth you needed to hear. I love how strong willed and determined Hannah gets when she serves people, but also how she just hangs out. I loved rooming with Jeff because he is an amazing sounding board. He doesn’t just listen, he asks questions to make you think. I love worshipping and praying with all three of this team. God has made each individual very unique, very empowering and very funny.

This staff team is going to echo Gods love and creativity throughout this school. Not only will they bring heaven to earth, they will teach us all how to be Christs hands and feet, Gods heart and the holy spirits powerful comfort to the broken.

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