Camping On Our Summer Classic DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on April 26, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools

Our Summer Classic Camping Weeks are a mix of, the most fun and the most impacting, weeks of a Summer Classic DTS.

Camping is a perfect opportunity to get away from the busyness of life and to spend time with God in the midst of the beauty of the Australian bushland. This tranquil setting is the perfect time for God to speak and move in ways that we don’t always experience in the hectic activity of everyday life. The Summer Classic camping weeks include teaching and ministry, which is a time where God does huge things including healing and freedom from past. Camping is often the ultimate setting for massive life impacting encounters with God.

During one of our Summer Classic DTS camping weeks, we were on our way to a secluded spot up a river for some teaching time. Equipped with two boats and what we call the Aqua Van, which is a camper van fitted out to go on water. This time the aqua-van did get kinda stuck, it was not only stuck but once we got it clear of the reeds, it actually wouldn’t start again.

There was already a group that had been dropped off by a boat, who were getting slightly bored and so they turned the whole event into a pretty fun time. A tree full of people decided to paint their bodies with charcoal and jump out of trees into the water – all while being stranded in the woods. It was really a Lord of the Flies sort of blast, very fun and unlike anything you experience in everyday life.

Eventually we were able to get both boats tied to the camper and very slowly tow it all the way across the lake and back to camp. The whole trip was walled between a glorious sunset on one side and a black lightning storm fast approaching on the other side. Just as we pulled into dock and secured the boats, the rain hits! We made it just in time!

In camping there will always be challenges and unexpected events, but that’s what makes it! That’s when deep relationships are built, through fun and adventure. Mix that with God speaking, hearts opening up and being very real with each other. Unity and friendship is grown that hardly comparable to anything else!

Don’t worry, as fun as it was, we try our best not to break down and get stranded every year. Even so, adventure is never far away. And God is even closer.

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Check out these pictures of some of our past Summer Classic DTS camping trips.

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