Creativity On The Front Lines

By YWAM Newcastle on April 24, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Videos

Artists, musicians, and other creative people,

Be honest, have you ever felt like your gifts were insignificant? Or that your contribution to God’s kingdom would be small in the great scheme of things? Have you ever believed that your passion or sensitivity was a weakness, or that your creative heart made you too vulnerable to face the challenges of serving in missions?

The arts are massively valued by God, and the Bible shows us that we, as artists, are called to be fierce warriors for the Lord!

In 2 Chronicles 20, we see the nation of Judah in the midst of an epic battle, and the musicians are on the front line. It isn’t the strongest, or those with the best weapons that are sent into battle first, but because their King knew that the battle would be won in the spiritual and not in flesh and blood, he put a bunch of singers at the head of the army. They went in with specific instructions to SING to God, praising Him for His holiness and love, and as they did, their enemies were defeated.

As musicians, artists, and dancers, do we realize how vital our role in God’s kingdom is? Do we understand that we are called not to the sidelines of today’s battles, but the front lines? There is so much victory, authority and joy that comes hand in hand with praising God through song.

On the Creative DTS this year, we will have an entire week’s teaching on worship. We’ll explore the bible, and go deep with God, seeking out his heart on the topic. We’ll look at why we worship and the different expressions of it, we’ll grow in intimacy with God and be equipped for spiritual battles, and we will humble ourselves before God as wholeheartedly sing and SHOUT His greatness!

Do you feel like God is challenging you to step out more in worship, or that He wants to expand your ideas of what using your creativity to praise Him looks like? Take a bold step for God’s kingdom and consider a Creative DTS at YWAM Newcastle this July!

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