When Love Invades A Skate Park

By YWAM Newcastle on April 19, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is a recent story from one of our January Summer Classic DTS outreach teams that is in London:

Today our team headed out to one of the local skate parks here in Romford for the afternoon.It was our second time being at the skate park and we were all so stoked to see what God had in store for the young people there. As soon as we arrived we spotted a group of young people standing under a skate ramp to avoid the wet weather. We decided to go join them under the ramp with a clear intention of connecting with them & it wasn’t long before these young people were hungry to hear what we had to share. After a while of chatting about entertainment and our home countries, the boys from the group ended up skating off … which left just the two girls. As we were chatting with these girls, I suddenly felt to share a testimony with them both…they were so excited to have these “two older girls from a different country” share a story with them. As I shared my testimony you could see how much it was hitting them & God was surely up to something. After we finished sharing our testimonies they began to tell us that the testimonies that we shared with them were exactly what they needed. One of the girls even began to share her story of how she had been on drugs since the age of just 10 yrs old, both girls struggle with self harm & were sharing their desire to find out a way out. They both just longed for someone to simply just care. We listened, affirmed, prophesied & prayed over both the girls for quite some time & the Holy Spirit moved in them both in incredible ways. One of the girls started shaking all over & could feel God’s love consuming her, meanwhile her friends were watching in total amazement that something very powerful was going on…but wasn’t totally sure what it was. We finished up our time with these girls with a chance respond to the gospel message..but they were still trying to understand all that had happened & what was going on.They started the conversation not believing in God & finished the conversation with confidence that God is very real & had impacted them deeply during our time hanging out with them.

Amazing part is that we have 2 full months of continuing to get alongside these two young girls & see God do even more fantastic things in their lives. We left that conversation knowing that these two girls had a very real encounter with a living God & they found a hope that they had been searching for a very long time.

Thanks for all your prayers & support!

Team London