Learning & Loving Our City

By YWAM Newcastle on April 18, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is an update from one of our January Summer Classic DTS outreach teams. They are currently on their way to the Philippines.

Our team has been doing outreach for the past 7 days in Newcastle. It’s been really cool getting into this community, praying over the area, building relationships within different ministries and just seeing that people in this city really have a heart for their city and its people.

We have been hanging out at soup kitchens, working with community service groups, spending time with international uni students and taking Youth Street into skate parks. The more time we’ve spent with the people in Newcastle the more we’ve understood how close missions can be to home. It’s so good to see the background of what is going on in this city and where God has his heart set and who for.

One night last week we went to a soup kitchen called ‘Pete’s kitchen’ and we were under the impression that we would serve and meet a lot of broken people. On our way to the kitchen there was an accident with a big delay so we arrived almost an hour late. We then walked into a little church building with about 10 people standing around. Tables were set up but no one seemed to be waiting for food. It turns out it was like their 2nd week of running the kitchen and they had yet to find people to feed. And there we were. I felt awkward but I kicked that feeling and decided to just engage and let God flow through that. I was then introduced to a teenage girl who ended up being from a town next to mine in Sydney. We bonded over things we knew in common from home and I talked a bit about YWAM. She said she had a friend who did a DTS and she texted him to come over. When he arrived it was this really cool, chill looking guy, who actually became a christian through our Youth Street ministry a few years back. I asked him to tell me how he came to do a DTS. He ran me through a powerful story of God’s protection and presence in his life and then we got to the present. He said he was struggling with getting into God, prayer and His word. He seemed pretty frustrated and disappointed with where he personally was at. I felt that i should talk a bit about grace to him and remind him of how much his dad loved him, ridiculous amounts more than all the mistakes he’d made. So we talked and I could see he was getting excited about God again. I prayed for him and told him to come hang out at our house again (he said he missed it a lot). I’m going to keep praying for him, he’s a really good guy. It was such an awesome time for the whole team, and everyone had something really moving to share of their conversations they had had that night.

It’s cool to see that when you decide to get uncomfortable God really has the full ability to use you. Many times i’ve said use me God, but let me sit here and be comfortable and in my element. And i wonder why nothing crazy happens. Letting God have free reign in where i end up, what i say and what i do always makes for better situations than i could have ever planned.

Larissa Pfeiffer
Outreach Team Leader

-Hanging out with crew at skate park evangelism.

-Easter at pete’s kitchen.


-Intercession at the Newcastle Fort