Breakthrough In Bondi

By YWAM Newcastle on April 15, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

This is an update from one of our Sports DTS outreach teams that is currently in Sydney:

We are living here in Bondi, a very wealthy and densely populated section of Sydney Australia; where looking good and making money, alot of money, seems to be mandatory in order to live here. Matt Madigan the founder of The Hope Project (A Christian organization with a vision to see Bondi transformed into city of believers) has kindly given up his house for the week that we are here. We are so blessed. So far every morning has started out with a prayer walk and evangelism time around Bondi . We have been praying alot against Religion (there are 12,000 Jews in the area), Hedonism (thousands of backpackers pouring in here with one intension: to party hard), also materialism, elitism and many other things.

Kings Cross
We went into King’s Cross this afternoon and the moment we walked off of the train we could feel the heaviness and change in the Spiritual Rhelm. I was surprised that there is no attempt to hide what goes on there. Faith counted thirteen brothels on one block. There are clubs with seductive advertisments everywhere, and the homeless walk the streets. There is defintely a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness that permiates this place. We spent the majority of our time praying but also prayed for some locals individually. I’m sure we will be back to do more praying and maybe we’ll sing next time as well.

Bondi Breakthrough
In intercession this morning (12/4/12) I got a picture of a white tile with a black number 16 on it, afterwards we went for a prayerwalk in pairs. Me and Oddvar were walking around the area of Bondi praying against different strongholds that the Holy Spirit was highlighting to us. When we asked God to lead us to the house with the black number, He showed it to us quickly. We knocked on the door and met the woman who lived there, she was christian, and had been praying for breakthrough for a long time. In her house there were a lot of strongholds and spirits that she had been fighting against and we got to take back the household for God! we got to pray with her and encourage her and she said that “now she knew that God had not forgotten her”. Thank you God for sending us.

By Ronnie
Sports DTS Student