Sharing The Gospel On Buses

By YWAM Newcastle on April 14, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

This is an update from one of our Sports DTS outreach teams that is currently in Venezuela:


Getting Started
Las Clavellinas is where we’ve spent most of our time so far; about 3 days in the last two weeks. We spent a while knocking on doors, preaching the gospel and then presenting our ‘everything’ skit on a dirt road. 15 kids gave their lives to Jesus, and these were not kids that were involved in the local church at all- which makes it all the more special.
On Sunday we got to preach at the church and we got to pray for people (that seems to be happening a lot). One of the highlights for me was leading one young boy to Christ. An hour before this he was carrying a large knife around the street, harassing another child. Apparently he was one of the more troublesome boys in the community, so we’re excited to see the change in his life. His name is Juan, so please pray for his protection and growth.
Also we went to the village to meet some people, and we came across a bunch of boys playing soccer. I called them all over, preached the gospel, and 13 young boys gave their lives to Jesus.

Sharing the gospel on buses
The first day we were in Venezuela our host said to us “We don’t like to waste any opportunities to share Christ with people”. That really encouraged the team to make the most of everything! Every member of the team has now shared the gospel/a testimony on a public bus, and we have seen almost a hundred people saved during our trips around the city. The harvest is ripe, and people are so hungry to hear the Truth of God!
We’ve also done ministry at the cities bus terminal, where thousands of people are coming and going every hour. We jump on a bus, hand out tracts, preach the gospel and do a response prayer, all within the space of 2-3 minutes. From this we would have seen another hundred people make decisions for Christ.

Back in School
This story is a little ridiculous and hard to believe. So there’s this one school nearby, and it’s got a bit of a bad reputation (as far as I was told) for violence. So we rock up to this school, expecting to play some sports with a class (of around 20), do a little skit and maybe pray for one or two kids. When we get there, we find a crowd of 200+ teenagers (14-19) standing around watching another church doing their dramas. We found out later that this school hadn’t let any church or mission group in for about 10 years, so for us both to be there on one day is very significant!. We did our dramas in front of 200 people, and Ruth and Lizzy shared testimonies. I stood up and, um, kinda shouted at all the people, because I knew this was a very important message and some of them were mucking around. I asked if there was anyone that wanted to accept Christ and a few people gathered around me. I said “If you’re not willing to change your behaviour; to give up your sex, your alcohol, your drugs, I want you to turn around and sit down. This isn’t a game, and God is going to ask you to change those behaviours”. All of a sudden, people weren’t joking. I led them in the ‘sinners prayer’, and invited the Holy Spirit to protect them. Glory to God.
Oh, and I found out later that there were 107 people in the circle around me, and they had all prayed to accept Christ!

We have also had a couple of opportunities to share and minister with our host’s family, and we have seen them experiencing God in a new way. One of them said they experienced heat in their body when we prayed for him. We saw others crying when we ministered with them. These people are from a very religious background, and Nigel (our host) has been talking with them about the truth of Jesus for four years. For us to see them opening up is a huge privilege.
So you can see that God is doing some very real things in Venezuela. So far we have seen 304 decisions for Christ, a whole bunch of people experiencing the Holy Spirit, and the team stepping up to preach boldly.

Michael Cooke
Venezuela/Columbia Outreach Team Leader