July Classic DTS | Bringing Heaven to Earth

By YWAM Newcastle on April 5, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Videos

Do you remember the first time you got an adrenalin rush from jumping off a high place into water? Or completed something you weren’t looking forward to? Or spoke in front of a crowd or scored that winning point? Everything was clearly defined. Celebration was so thick in the air that it almost pushed out everything else on the planet.

Sometimes I feel like life can become almost a soup of distractions and hopeless ventures that are ultimately unsatisfying. We choose life paths that we never desired, to be able to buy the things we don’t really want purely because we have been told that everyone needs them. What we really crave is adventure. More of those moments of clarity that almost pops of a completion that we were designed for.

I believe that adventure is Jesus. A man, so filled with a desire for our love that he died to cover our sins with his own blood. To liberate our shame so that everywhere we walk is heaven, every breath we breathe is a blessing to the world around us, every word uttered is a life giving, transformational echo of the triune community backing our existence. In July 2012, I get the honour and privilege to be leading the six month long Discipleship Training School here in coastal Newcastle, Australia.

My name is Jeremy Barry Randall. I am a 26 year old Australian man who grew up a pastors kid. I have lived and breathed church and non church communities my whole life and have come to the conclusion that the kingdom of heaven is like an intimate community who love each other so much that they hold each other to a high standard of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. A high standard of relationality.

Our school will be exploring who God is, who we are as creations of a loving God, our mandate as the body of Christ and what life could look like if all of these things worked together.

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