Meet the 2012 Compassion DTS Leader

By YWAM Newcastle on April 3, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training

“Hi, my name is Dieuwke (pronounced as Dewka, but I welcome you to call me Dukes), I’m 30 years old and am originally from Amsterdam the Netherlands. I have been a part of this amazing YWAM base since January 2011 and will be leading the upcoming Compassion DTS this October.”.

God is challenging me to dream BIG dreams with Him, but He keeps telling me that my ‘big’ is not BIG enough! Romans 12:6 says we each have gifts. God gave us the gifts we have; we didn’t choose them. I find it fascinating to discover over and over again that God sees so much more potential in us, than we often do ourselves. My heart is to help others to open their eyes to dreaming BIG dreams with God; it is challenging, restoring, adventurous, overwhelming, in one word ‘life changing’!
Justice is big on my heart; my heart breaks for every form of injustice, big and small things! Romans 8:28 says, “all things work together for good”. And 2nd Corinthians 1:4 says, “God helps us in our troubles so we can help others who have troubles, using the same help we ourselves have received from God”. I love the fact that God wants to integrate our hurts and difficulties into our life message. He never wastes circumstances, not even bad ones. That’s the hope I want to bring to the people around me and the people I reach out to. Because once people grasp this truth, it changes the way they view their life circumstances, and it helps them to discover their dream, even the people that feel they don’t have any dreams anymore.

Some random facts:
– God speaks a lot to me through roses; which makes it my favourite flower in the world!
– Back in the Netherlands I would ride my classic looking bike every day, my bike was called a ‘grandmothers bike’.
– My favourite sport to watch on television is ‘speed ice skating’, a cultural thing I guess.
– My favourite summer holiday would be a road trip from the Netherlands, through Belgium,through France, to Spain and back, by car and sleeping out in the open.
– When it comes to brothers and sisters I can say ‘I have it all’; an older brother & sister and a younger brother & sister. They are incredible!
– Lately I was waiting for my Australian visa to be approved in the Netherlands; my mum & dad asked God over and over again to please send me back to Australia. Amazing, because it’s not always easy for them to have me living on the other side of the world.
– I am a proud aunty: four nieces and one nephew!
– I started to skateboard when I was 29; it’s never too late to learn something new.
– The Bible is packed with treasures, I believe you can keep finding new things for the rest of your life!
– London is my favourite city I have been so far; the city, the different areas, the second hand stores, the English art and English novels inspire me!
– I have had many different hair styles; dreadlocks and short black hair were fave’s.
– I love love love Chai Tea!
– I have been in 31 countries so far and challenge you to make it your goal to visit 30 countries before your 30th. 😉

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This is me!
This painting is made by my last outreach team and myself. We made it for in a house where girls can
live who decided to step out of protitution.
This is me with Tessa and her husband Live. Tessa got baptized during the Compassion DTS 2011,
which she led and pioneered.