Letter From Creative DTS Leader

By YWAM Newcastle on March 14, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Training

Hello, My name is Emily Beck and I lead the Creative DTS here at YWAM Newcastle. I’m passionate about the arts and creativity, but even more passionate about seeing people get to know God and learn to use their gifts and talents for him. In preparing for this year’s school, our Creator is revealing to me more and more how much more I can be using my own Creativity to communicate the gospel in a way that is relevant to all people.

While on outreach in Thailand with last year’s Creative DTS, I was priveleged to meet an amazing girl named Lena. She was an international student from China, learning Thai at Chiang Mai University, who was incredibly hungry to learn more about God. Through our conversation, she made the decision to invite God into her life, but was still very nervous about the idea of prayer. When I asked her why, she said it was because her English wasn’t very good. When I encouaraged her to pray in her own language, she was blown away. “You mean God speaks Chinese?!” she said, with wide eyes. Because the only Christians she had ever met were white and English speaking, she thought God only understood prayers that were in English.

The concept seems crazy, but how many of us have had the same misconception about God at one time or another? Felt we had to pray in a certain “Christianese” vernacular, or worship in one style, simply because it’s what we’ve heard in church? I catch myself thinking like that often, but God is continuing to grow me in understanding that I will never have to work hard or fight to be understood by God. Another thing that really excites me about this, is the idea that I can use my creativity to show others that God speaks their language.

On the Creative DTS this year, we will look deeply into how we can create visual art, music, drama, and more that communicates a clear message in a language that young people today understand. As we’re growing in our knowledge and understanding of God’s character, we will turn our revelation into creative expression and use it to reach the lost.

Are you passionate about the arts, with a desire to use your gifts to communicate God’s message and accomplish something powerful for his kingdom? On the Creative DTS we will spend twelve weeks in lectures, growing in relationship with God and hearing from speakers on topics such as Hearing God’s Voice, Missions, and Calling and Vision, as well as special sessions on Communication and Creativity. During this time we will also be putting what we learn into practice, using the arts to reach our local youth. Then we’ll go on outreach, where we’ll spend ten weeks passionately communicating the gospel in a cross cultural setting. Are you ready?

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