Compassion DTS Latvia Outreach Update!

By YWAM Newcastle on February 7, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Here is the latest update from our Compassion DTS in week 5 of their DTS outreach!

We’re in Latvia and we are currently going into our 5th week of outreach, and our 3rd week of Latvian travels. Ministry here has been more than amazing! Our ministry contact Lysette always keep us busy with ministry opportunities, but also allows us as a team to really rely on God and ask Him what He wants us to do with our time here.

One thing God has so clearly called us into is Prayer. Pray! Pray! Pray! All the way back on the DTS lecture phase God was preparing our team for this. Starting from when He called us to plan two 24 hour pray times and praying together as a team every morning and night. Also during those times God called us as a team to do crazy things, but in faith we all stepped out and did it, full heartedly. We all as a team realize now that those crazy prayers and crazy steps of faith didn’t end in Newcastle but have continued to grow stronger and stronger within our team. Our team’s Ministry calling is to pray! To pray for Latvia, for Riga, for the Sex industry, for the Youth of Riga and all other generations, to Pray for YWAM Riga…Just to Pray! We have seen God move so much already through prayer. God has really instilled in all of us the power we hold that God has given each and everyone of us, and how much authority we can speak out that He has placed within us. So, That is what we will continue to do, continue to pray with faith and boldness and to do our best to never hold back what God is speaking.

Along with many prayer walks we also participate in several School prevention programs, raising awareness for Human trafficking to the students of Latvia, and also many youth and children programs. A week ago we spent a weeks time in the countryside of Latvia at the Voldermarpils YWAM Base. In this little town, we did a lot of Youth nights, preschool programs, orphanage visits, elderly home ministry (where we saw three salvations!), and also spent much time blessing the base with simple tasks like cleaning and amazing fellowship times, filled with many dance parties and movie nights.

This past weekend we also had the amazing opportunity to participate and help out with the annual Mission day Conference here in Riga. It was a 3 day event that we helped out where we could, but it was also a major blessing to just be able to be apart of the conference and worship and learn with the local Latvian community as well as many others from around Europe. Altogether our Ministry time here has been such an adventure with one another and also with the Lord. We’re excited to continue here in Latvia for the next 2 weeks and then move onto Moscow, Russia for the following 3 weeks. God has been so faithful to our team, and will continue to as well!