Update from the Compassion DTS Outreach in Byron Bay!

By YWAM Newcastle on January 12, 2012 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach


Greetings from the Byron Bay, Australia DTS Outreach Team!

We’ve been here for nine days already, but they have all sort of blended together to take the shape of Impact Summer 2011-2012. We rolled up inByron Bay last Wednesday, after saying our good-byes back at YWAM Newcastle Lewis House and being on the road for a good ten hours, we were greeted by booming atmosphere of a town saturated in a vibrant beach- nightlife culture. The sidewalks were packed with young people who had no place to be and every reason to accept what the world was offering them. It seemed like the whole town had been dipped in this sense of mistaken identity.

We began to absorb how big the task ahead of us really was. Partnering with teams from bases from all over Australia, we gave away hundreds of sausages and burgers and, on other occasions, pancakes and chai. We performed dances that spoke of identity, we acted out skits that remind us that we are sought after, that we are always loved. We engaged with the inquisitive, creative minds of the locals and with the meaning-seeking hearts of backpackers. We entertained skeptics with absolute truth and answered questions about our own personal beliefs. We saw incredible healings, from age-old injuries to fractured wrists, from headaches to lactose intolerance.

We have spent the first nine days of our outreach meeting people where they are at, and loving them in a way that speaks identity into their lives, that calls them to more. In the chaos of the end of a year and the beginning of another, we met the town of Byron Bay in NSW Australia with the love of the Father on our hearts. We have seen God move in incredible ways, and as we prepare to move on to our next destination, we go with even bigger expectations, with more life-long friendships, with more love for each other, and with faith as big as a town covered in the love of God by the actions of only a few.

Until next time,
Compassion DTS Outreach Team