Week 6 Update from Creative DTS Outreach Team in Thailand!

By YWAM Newcastle on November 30, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Hey everyone!

The last week has been so full on – our last week doing university and bar evangelism topped off with an English camp for university students! It was an incredible time and we did some kick butt in the spiritual realm. God has been so good in the past week, gluing our team together, and showing us the fruit of our hard work at the university and also at the bars with the girls. At first, during the last three weeks, we really didn’t see any fruit in our ministry, and were constantly reminded by God that we are seed planters – we are planting important seeds that others will harvest. Through conversations, the English camp, and different times that we sat and had a chat with a girl at a bar, we have been planting seeds of God’s Spirit in peoples hearts. I had such an amazing conversation with an 18yr old prostitute the other night – she’s desperate to leave the bars and seek a better life. It was very moving. I’ve also been putting together a short documentary to help out one of the ministries we’ve been working with here – it will be posted online in the next couple of days and will give you a real taste of what this ministry looks like and how we were able to serve! I’m really excited about how I could use this simple gift to really benefit and raise awareness of what these guys do here!

Tomorrow we head to Pattaya – which I have now dubbed “the dark city”, although I’m sure it will be light for more hours of the day than Australia even. This city is going to be intense – spiritually, emotionally and physically draining – but I can’t think of a better way to finish off two months of breaking bondages in Jesus’ name!

Please be praying for us as we head out on our last leg of outreach – God still has a lot to do and I know He will! One thing – my leader Emily has been having some major health issues and was hospitalised this week. Her fiance Jaso will join us this week and will help support her and the team.

Oh yeah – my latest video is almost a week old but I haven’t sent it to you yet, Click here to see it!
Susanna and the Creative Outreach Team