Week 5 Update from the July Classic DTS Outreach in New Zealand!

By YWAM Newcastle on November 26, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Here is the latest update from our July Classic DTS Outreach Team in Christchurch, New Zealand! Please keep praying for them as they serve and share God’s love!

Our time in New Zealand has come to an end quicker than we could have imagined. Our last two weeks seemed to stay pretty busy. We spent time with the people we had befriended from the different churches by going to their young adult groups at church and hanging out randomly. We were also invited to a couple of youth groups where we mainly were able to connect with and pray for the youth there. We made and kept up some really cool relationships with the young people. It seemed we were a great encouragement to them.

At one of the youth groups we all got to share a bit of our testimony about what God has brought us from a dark past and radically transformed our lives. This led into some great small group conversations afterward. Discipleship like this has been a huge aspect to our time in New Zealand. One night we spoke at a church that consisted of older people which was something different for us. We told them about YWAM and and what we were doing for their community. There was a question and answer session at the end and it was neat to hear their questions that showed their interest. When we left the church sent us with a check donation. When we got home Susie told us of how earlier that day we found out we all needed 90 extra dollars to obtain a workers permit in Fiji…BUT the check the church donated was 800 dollars-completely covering that cost! Praise God! He is our provider and works in such awesome ways!

We did other things as well to serve the city such as volunteering and simply walking around and praying. On our last two ministry days we helped at an organization called 0800 Hungry. We helped package up food and supplies to send out to people who need financial help. It was really cool to see how they are helping Christchurch; we really enjoyed our time serving there. We left Christchurch with for the most part, a sense of completion. We felt confident that we had done what we went to do. Now we are in Fiji! We have been staying with Sai’s family (Sai is on staff in YWAM Newcastle) and it has been great so far. We are learning the culture and meeting a lot of great people. Please be praying for us to continue to go on in unity, effective ministry, and that nobody gets sick or hurt! God is Good!

July Classic DTS Outreach Team