Story of God’s Faithfulness and Provision

By YWAM Newcastle on August 31, 2011 in Fundraising

Jack Narvel, one of our All Generations DTS students, writes about trusting and obeying God. Way to go Jack! Find out more about our upcoming All Generations DTS by clicking here!


Joy Dawson in her book “Intimate Friendship with God” writes: “fear of the Lord should do two things: First, it’s should cause us to hate sin, as God does. Second, to give us deep respect for and understanding of the Holiness of God, the power of God and the total sufficiency of God to meet all of our needs.”

When you are new to YWAM, as I am, it is a challenge to live in total obedience and trust of the Lord. After a while, I have learned that there really is no “plan B” in life. If I cannot trust God
(who, after all, created me), then whom can I trust? And if I trust Him, then why should it be difficult to obey Him?

Planning to come to YWAM was, for me, a thirteen year journey. While I have been wanting to come to Australia since I was a teenager, I had not been presented the opportunity, until I married Jan and heard of her passion to return to Australia to lead another School of Communication Foundations. She had led a school in Canberra in 1997 and was told she would be back!

I, having a Masters Degree in Communication, would seem like a “shoe in” to share that vision with her. So having retired in the USA, and after two years of being houseparents to a home dedicated to the recovery of homeless youth, YWAM Newcastle seemed not only like God’s will, but “logical”.

God is seldom “logical”, and we were quickly finding various barriers in our way: Immigration and financial. It seemed that more and more things came up that required the expenditure of funds before we left, so that we were about $2,000.00 short of airfare budget, not to mention
$10,000 in class fees before October.

Pensions in the U.S. are not nearly as generous as in Australia, and my pension was all the finance we could “count on”. So the journey of trusting God, and being obedient to Him, was on! After being told in late April that immigration: “could take up to six months to a year” to issue our VISA’s – we then had them in three months! The air fare came at the “11th hour”‘, as we had prepared to leave in time for our August STS class on August 3rd.

I understand, after our own experiences of God’s goodness, and the testimonies of others here on the base, that when it is God’s will that we are here, then it is also His will that provision will come in time. All that is for us to do is listen for His voice and be obedient in what he is telling us to do. In short, that has been my definition of peace in the Spirit, as we near the end of our first month on base. What a blessing it is to be in a community of believers who are praying and praying with us and for us!

Jack Narvel
All Generations DTS Student