YWAMer poem

By YWAM Newcastle on August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Edwin Garcia Jr recently sent this through to YWAM Newcastle through facebook. We wanted to share it with you too. Great job Edwin!

YWAMer Poem

A Ywamer is a selfless servant, that offers worship through service, knowing God & making God know is our life’s purpose, we love God because he’s perfect & deserves it, faith is our assurance, that we’re on the right track, because God directs our steps to be where we’re suppose to be at, the Bible is our map, a Ywamer is flexible & wears many hats, responding to different needs, because love is the creed, that inspires the dream, working united we go higher in teams, & our fire doesn’t cease, only increase, the torch moves forward as we promote honor & peace, we got beautiful feet, our motto is do then teach, live what you preach, & give what’s in reach, we bring the gospel from the streets to the beach, our life is a never ending outreach, the great commission is our mission for the life we’re living, our message is the crucifixion & Christ is risen, we were called to set the captives free from prison, and to bring hope to the hopeless, that’s why we stay devoted & focused, because God molds us into his shape and holds us in place, we just do what he told us to do when we prayed, obey God’s voice is the choice that we made, a ywamer is international and is in all continents & states, we don’t live by sight, we live by faith, giving up our rights to win the battle and the race, always seeking God’s face, on and off the base, in every place that we stay, we’re making disciples of nations today, by preaching Jesus is the only way, a Ywamer always practices hospitality, by treating others like family, we value the individual, we’re all sisters and brothers no matter the nationality, because we’re all God’s children and we embrace that reality, a Ywamer is a visionary, a pastor, preacher, evangelist, teacher, and missionary, and our talents are not buried, we cultivate them through intercessory prayer, and mercy ministries, and everything we do is all for the glory of the trinity..

-Erwin Garcia Jr