7 Reasons why DTS is for you!

By YWAM Newcastle on August 9, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools

Creative DTS Student Susanna Smith shares seven great reasons why you should consider a discipleship training school with YWAM!

7 Reasons why DTS is for you!

1. Know God
Past DTS students have said that the number one thing they loved about the school was the way it eliminated the distractions of home, making it so much easier to grow your relationship with God. While on DTS, you will build and learn so much more about yourself and your identity in Christ. You will be encouraged in your strengths and challenged in your weaknesses. Gods’ character is a big, wide ocean – just waiting for you to dive in. While at DTS you will begin by only dip your toe in the water – but will grow a hunger and yearning to wade a little further every day. Knowing God comes with being totally wholehearted whilst learning about him – and if you choose that, you will know Him on a deeper level by the end of DTS.

2. Make Him Known
When you know God – the hunger for making him known to other people will not be containable. Outreach will challenge how you think about cultures, and will leave you hungry for more. Outreach though isn’t just a 2 month trip, it’s all the time. All throughout your DTS you will be on outreach – making him known to people that don’t know him. Outreach will make you push past your comfort bubble and grow in God and boldness by telling people about him.

3. See the world!
Do you want to go out, explore, and discover this wide amazing world around you? YWAM has over 1000 bases in 180 countries – the opportunities for adventure while on DTS are endless! A part of DTS is also a 2-3 month outreach which can be anywhere in the world. What an opportunity to not only travel, but learn to see the world in a new light – through Jesus’ eyes. Newcastle, Australia, is just one of the many awesome places that you can go – but along with sunny days there are awesome beaches and wicked surf!?

4. Youth Street!
Youth Street is an innovative and fun ministry that is aimed at impacting the youth of today’s culture by relating to them in areas they understand. It’s about affirming them in their gifts and showing them the love of Jesus through practical servant hood. Staff and students facilitate different teams for the kids that go out to skate at skate parks, go surfing, swimming, fishing, concerts, sports – you name it and Youth Street has probably done it. It will give you a great opportunity to grow in areas of leadership and responsibility. Youth Street was started here in Newcastle – and it’s expanding to more centers! Youth Street is now in Melbourne, Sydney, and Townsville also.

5. Interactive teaching
One awesome thing about DTS (it’s awesome all round though – if you don’t already know) is that the teaching is a lot more interactive than just sitting around listening to someone drawl on for hours. It’s interactive, innovative, and there’s a lot of time made for feedback and reflection. DTS is pretty relaxed – there are no long essays due or intense reports, but prepare to be challenged in the way you view learning!?

6. Make Lifelong Friends
While on DTS there is lots of time for awesome hang outs with your fellow students and staff. Living together in community tends to bring people into close friendships, and not only will you build friendships with the people on your school; you’ll also meet and have great times with the other staff on the base. Because of the intense amount of learning and growing that happens on DTS – you and your classmates will grow together in friendship with each other and God. It’s pretty awesome!

7. Practical Servanthood
DTS is not just about learning about God but also about putting what you learn into action. You will be serving the base in a really practical way on while on DTS, and also be given opportunities to serve using your God given gifts and talents. Youth Street, work duties and especially outreach will grow your desire to serve in a practical way.

Susanna Smith
Creative DTS Student