Life Changing Moments in DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on May 31, 2011 in Discipleship Training Schools

Looking back through my life, there have been many defining moments that God has used to bring me closer to Him, but I would say one of the most significant would be during the Fatherheart of God week on my DTS.

The speaker asked each of the students if there was anything on his or her heart that he felt to share. We were in about week 9 on the DTS, and up till this point, I hadn’t spoken out or shared anything in front of my fellow students. At this particular moment when it came to my turn, however, I felt to share some thoughts and memories that were coming to my mind regarding a specific event in my childhood.

When I was 18 months old I was on a family road trip to Canberra, with my Dad, Mum & younger brother. We were driving on a dirt road at dusk, and the bright sunlight made it hard for my Dad, who was driving, to see the road clearly. A turn in the road came without any warning, and Dad needed to make a quick decision either to run into a tree or into a lake. Without a lot of time to think, he decided the safer option was the tree.

Our 1972 orange BMW ran into a tree on the side I was sitting, which left me with potentially serious head injuries very close to my right eye, but God in His amazing faithfulness was watching out for me (even though my family are non-believers). Through a series of miracles, I ended up with relatively minor injuries.

My Dad was very concerned for me and had to take some extreme measures to get help, as we were in a remote area. I have heard my mum say that the first thing dad said when he got to the hospital was, “Were they able to save her eye?” and much to his relief, they were. All this to say, to this very day I have a great relationship with my loving Dad.

When the Fatherheart of God speaker asked if I had anything on my heart, it was this situation that I remembered. I don’t know if I was told this or if I just came up with it by myself, but I had a little seed in my heart that said “Dad forgot I was there”.

My heavenly Father knew that this little thought that jumped in my heart at that moment was the very thing that I needed healing in. He knew that even though my dad loves me very much, there are times that he won’t be able to be there for me and may not be able to protect me from some painful moments in life, but my Heavenly Father will be there for me, looking after me.

I have found that DTS has been a wonderful foundation for my life, and there have been many opportunities that God has taken to bring me deeper & closer in relationship with Him.

Julianne af Petersens
YWAM Newcastle Training Director

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