The pickle & the raft – YWAM Outdoors DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on October 25, 2010 in Discipleship Training Schools

So, this past weekend, the current outdoors DTS staff went up with the oct DTS to help set up their camp site. (The summer plus DTS goes camping for a week) It was a hot day and we had been running around setting up tents, dead-lifting a trailer with all our gear over a fence, building giant tarp systems, just the usual stuff. So by now we were sweating pretty good and ready for a swim. Which is convenient as we happen to be camping right on a lake! So a few guys walk out into waist deep water and are just chilling. Now there is an island, about 150-200 yards away,but a nice current running in between us and it. So with a yell I start swimming across and am instantly joined but the rest of the group. We charge across the water determined to beat the current. After a few backed out and retreated to the safety of the shores the brave continued on. The key was to think like Dory from Finding Nemo (not very short term), but “just keep swimming”! Once you stop to rest, you are losing ground, so just keep swimming! It was gruelling and rough, but with adrenaline pumping and mates around, its was do-able! We made it to the shore where be pulled ourselves and eachother out of the water and into a tree hanging out over the lake. Immediately one of the guys is on the ground with a migraine like he has never had before and is in pain the point of being nauseous. Another is feeling light headed and I feel like I could puke with a headache pounding my brain as well. We were in a pickle, and didn’t know why! A good man named Danny, (who is co-leading the Jan summer plus DTS this year), realised we should pray. (What a novel idea!) And as he prayed, I got instantly better! which is pretty cool. But we still had a man in pain who was in no condition to swim back. And the sun was starting to go down…. After a couple more minutes, we all decided to pray together over our afflicted friend. Right after we all talked to God for healing and strength, I looked up at a dead tree right in front of us and climbed up and started ripping off limbs, we got a couple off and threw one in the water to see if it would float. You see where I’m going with this? So an amazing man named trevor, jumped up grabbing a large chunk/the trunk of the tree and ripped it right down!! we threw the pieces in the water, where trevor started piecing them together into a raft. By this time Ben was feeling alot better and his head was almost totally cleared up. So we got him hanging onto the raft as we all started swimming it back across the lake towing out sick friend with us. We fully made it all the way across and by the time we climbed out of the water, Ben (the afflicted one) was pretty much totally better! So moral of the story is…. I dont know, but pray for stuff and go on adventures cuz its heaps fun!! So, come join us for more of these stories this january!


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